Dear Grandma: Isn’t it Funny?

Dear grandma, 

I picked up my phone to call you again today. Funny the tricks our minds play on us when we are consumed by emotion. I was so happy and excited and all I wanted to do was share it with you. I didn’t think twice about dialling your number. I guess some habits are harder to change than others.

Anyways, I know my last letter to you was bleak. Things were bad. Worries were consuming my life and everything seemed hopeless. But like you always said “everything happens for a reason.” Things are good. Better than good! Isn’t it funny how your life can do a complete flip in the blink of an eye? 3 days ago I couldn’t even  sit down and write because I was feeling so low. 3 days ago I wasn’t sleeping because my mind was spinning with dread and doubt and stressful thoughts. 

But now, everything is falling into place and the last month of debilitating worries seem like they were a lifetime ago, quickly fading away into my past. And I feel like me again! How is it possible that I can feel so different in such a short span of time? If you were here you would say it’s all about “staying positive” and I know you are right. But sometimes it seems impossible to harness positivity when all you feel is strife. But the funny thing is, in the moment, the “kind of bad” always seems dreadful, whether it truly is dreadful or not. Isn’t it funny how looking back even just three days ago I can say to myself “I can’t believe I ever lost hope over this?”

All my love,


When you feel hopeless, lost and as if you are drowning in your own life, stop for a moment. Think of the last time you felt that hopelessness. Then think of all the happiness that followed. How insignificant those little moments seemed when you looked back at them as a new version of yourself. The version that was happy and hopeful and full of dreams. Picture that and squeeze tight because it will try to run away from you... but don’t let it. When things get tough, let yourself feel sorrow and anger and fear of what is to come. But just remember that even darkness can be banished with the tiniest spark of light. A smile from a loved one, a faint memory of your happy self, a deep breath. All things that are simple and overlooked as we stumble through life. And all things that can have a life changing impact on us without ever even realizing it. Isn’t it funny? 

Yours Happily,