Moving Time!

Hello Lovelies,

It’s that time of year!! Whether you are finishing up your final exams and heading home for the summer, or your lease is up, it’s moving time!

Now I don’t know about you but when it comes to moving I have a plethora of mixed emotions. As much as I LOVE the chance to re-decorate a space, the thought of packing up all of my belongings into a minimal amount of boxes tends to spark some anxiety as well! I just moved to a new apartment a week ago and it was so exciting… BUT it was also stressful. I thought it would be fun to share some of my moving tips that helped me to survive this move without my head exploding! So let’s get started!

  1. Supplies You NEED:

    Okay so let’s start by highlighting the main tools you need to help make your moving process as easy as possible: the first and obvious thing is BOXES. I prefer packing in large storage totes rather than cardboard boxes because not only do you save on waste, but you also have re-usable storage once you move in to your new place! The choice is totally up to you and also dependant upon what supplies you have access to! Another must-have is a TAPE GUN: even if you opt for the reusable totes, things can get knocked around ALOT when you are moving so having a tape gun to help secure everything is a must! Finally, you need BUBBLE WRAP (OR reusable substitute). When it comes to packing your dishes, mugs, and any other fragile valuables, you want to make sure they are protected! I prefer to wrap up my breakables in household items that need to be packed anyways! Anything from tea-towels to sweaters and blankets will do and help to reduce the amount of waste you produce (AND SAVES MONEY).


    Yes, I know this sounds like an obvious thing to do but TRUST me… when you have been at work all day and your moving day is fast approaching it is easy to throw reason out the window and just pile anything and everything into boxes just to get the job done fast! I know this, because I am guilty of it. After being on my feet at work all day and experiencing a delayed commute home, the last thing I wanted to do was come home to chaos and more work (thank god for my boyfriend who pretty much single-handedly packed our entire apartment). But alas, it has to be done and taking the little bit of extra time to label every single box in as much detail as possible is not only going to save you stress while you pack the box, but it will save you from a second round of chaos when it comes to unpacking your boxes and trying to find a new home for everything upon arrival at your new place.

TIP 1: Pack like-with-like - label each box based on the room it belongs to, then make a brief list of some of the important things found within that box (ex. Kitchen: Cutlery + Cooking Utensils OR Living Room: Books + Movies).

TIP 2: If you are utilizing re-usable totes to pack rather than cardboard boxes, you can either get cheap labels from the dollar store OR make an inventory list of what you packed in the box and slip it inside!

3. Pre-Move Freezer Feast!

Depending on how far you are moving going through the hassle of moving the contents of your refrigerator and freezer is just not worth it. I am NOT saying throw everything away. That is a waste of food and money! Slowly start going through all of the food in your fridge and freezer about a month or so before you move and GET CREATIVE! Come up with fun recipes that utilize the food that you already have. It can be tempting to order in or eat out when you are stressed and busy packing but it is only going to increase your spending and leave you with a fridge full of food to transport to your new destination!

TIP: You can blend up frozen fruit into delicious smoothie bowls, steam frozen veggies into a stir-fry, and get rid of things like eggs and milk by baking some cookies to snack on during the move!

4. Load up on Cleaning supplies!

When you are packing up all of your things you are inevitably going to stumble upon grime that you didn’t know was there (and add to it while you pack). It is worth it to stock up on simple cleaning supplies such as: stove top cleaner, floor cleaner, window/mirror cleaner, disinfectant wipes and cloths/sponges PRE-MOVE. While you may think you have enough… you probably don’t, plus it is extremely helpful to have those supplies readily available first thing when you arrive at your new place (you never know what the previous tenant might have left behind…). I moved apartments on a rainy day so things inevitably got muddy. It’s better to be prepared - you never know what you might need!

5.Make time for life!!

This one is KEY! Yes, moving is a big undertaking and it is so easy for it to consume your every thought BUT don’t forget to live your normal life! If you only focus on moving it becomes so much more stressful then it needs to be! You are making a fresh start and should be excited about your new adventure! Taking nights off from packing to watch a movie, spend time with friends, or curl up with a good book will do your mind and soul some good!

Anyways... I know these are not revolutionary concepts but after just undertaking a huge move myself, I figured there has to be someone else out there who felt stressed and anxious about the unknowns associated with packing up all of your belongings and moving somewhere new!

What are some of your favourite tips for moving? Share them below!

Yours Happily,

Kristyn xo